Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phantasm - The Abominable

Phantasm was a death metal band that broke up around 1995, just as I started going to shows regularly. I caught one of their last shows, opening for Deicide right before Once Upon The Cross came out. They played with Necrolatory (whose demo I'd post if I knew what happened to my copy of it), Cyanosis, and Broken Hope and I remember nearly getting my ribs crushed by a random stagediver at that show.

They played a very cinematic style of death metal, sounding like the soundtrack to some really low budget horror movie, which was an idea that I carried with me into how I wrote music for Die Alone. Their songs were long and dramatic, and the vocals were understandable enough so you could tell that they were trying to tell a story through mood. 16 year old me was thoroughly impressed. They've still got a regularly updated myspace, apparently and it's located here.


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