Monday, January 19, 2009

Nuclear Powered Satan - Unreleased 2007 Recordings

It's 1999. I meet Jon Engman and his drum machine. We put together a handful of songs with the help of a guitar effects processor, some shitty Radio Shack mics, and do the demo tape circuit. We spend equal amounts of time on finding amazing samples as we do recording music. We call it all Nuclear Powered Satan and we give it a story line: a corporation decides that it's more profitable to just kill people than to obey laws, making it a terrorist organization for the new millenium. We book one show and break up before it happens.

Fast forward to 2007. Jon's moved on to bigger and better things as the drummer of Foetopsy and then Brodequin. Tim and I had just finished the Die Alone full length (see below). Tim's home studio conveniently hosted a couple nights of marijuana / alcohol induced songwriting and the product of it became a new Nuclear Powered Satan record. We book one show and this time pull it off, with Case from Shit Outta Luck playing bass and all of us on one practice as a full band.

We'd all discussed figuring out a way to release the recording, but it never happened and we all went back to doing our own things. 

So, this is the official release of the full live drum NPS recording.


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