Monday, January 19, 2009

Invoke The Flood Demo

So, what happens when you put Shawn Page (Wings Of Scarlet, Shit Outta Luck), Jerry Hauppa (Forever Is Forgotten, Wings Of Scarlet, Concentric), Brad Clifford (Poison The Well, Endthisday, Coma Eternal) in the same room and tell them they don't have to play shows with Midian anymore?

They turn into Invoke The Flood.

This band bridged the gap between metal and hardcore, literally, as several of the bands members were members of the death metal / bar metal scene in Milwaukee. The stagnation of the bar scene and the quality of Milwaukee's hardcore scene was strong enough to gain the attention of the best musicians who were tired of the rut that Milwaukee had fallen into.

The Invoke The Flood demo was recorded but never released, if I remember correctly. The copy of it that I have was scammed from Tim Bleske who did the mastering on the record after Shawn finally received a mixed copy years after the band broke up from the studio that they'd recorded at.


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