Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gozarian - Demo 2002

So this band isn't from Milwaukee, but when a band is this good Chicago is close enough as far as I'm concerned. This band flew under the radar, basically as a side project for all of the members, and I don't think anyone took it that seriously... but this demo blew my mind when I first heard it. I remember setting them up with a show up here and trying to hype everyone up for them... I don't think anyone understood why I was going nuts for them until right after they played, and since they never came back, I'm assume everyone forgot about them.

Gozarian is black metal influenced hardcore... or perhaps hardcore influenced black metal? It's fucking pissed and evil simultaneously, which is exactly what I want to hear most of the time. Imagine the early Marduk records, with more of Swedish hardcore influence. It has that Entombed guitar tone, the Dark Throne beat, and evil wizard vocals.

I only wish the members of this band realized what a gold mine they were sitting on and kept going with it. This project deserved way more recognition than some of the silly bands the members went on to start afterwards.


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