Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Suffer In Truth - 5" Demo

Suffer In Truth was a band formed around 2003 as a project with the former members of Never Forgive Never Forget and Shawn of Wings Of Scarlet. The band was a straight forward hardcore band and played a series of shows without getting nearly enough respect during the tidal wave of Coma Eternal jocking clone bands that were beginning the spoilage of Milwaukee's underground scene (a trend that I would trace directly to the shit bands that pose as hardcore bands in Milwaukee now, who I won't even justify by giving a mention of).

Suffer In Truth's lyrics were direct insults to the people who were ruining Milwaukee at the time and was probably the most pissed off band of its time. Shawn and Russ would end up in Shit Outta Luck with me, and had we lasted long enough to do a full length I would have lobbied to do a cover of a Suffer In Truth song on it as an homage.


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