Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dead By Morning - 1999 Promo Cassette

This two song promo got a lot of attention, and more than likely had Dead By Morning kept it together, they'd have been a huge band and a leader of American black metal. That's not hyperbole, that's pretty much the fact. They'd made good connections during their limited time together and their appearance at the New Jersey Metal Fest put them on the covers of metal magazines without any product out. Unfortunately, member changes brought the band to it's knees before they could reach their full potential.

Dead By Morning was the product of the vocalist of Night World, that goofy dude from Mainstream Metal Shop I keep talking about, and all of the members of Paradox, minus the bass player and I. They took the black metal imagery of Night World, and kicked it up a notch, with a visual appearance that was similar to Gorgoroth. After kicking out their drummer and replacing him with Jon Engman (who isn't on this tape) the band got insanely faster, but personality/creative differences caused the band to start losing members until the band was down to a three piece and with it came a name change to The Cold Beyond. 

After a few more months of inactivity, Dead By Morning guitarist Tim Bleske began work on a full length record for The Cold Beyond, this time as a one man industrial black metal project (which I will upload shortly). But, this promotional tape is where it all started.


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