Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leval Blessing / Foetopsy - Barbarian Records promo split

This CDR was a promo for Foetopsy and Leval Blessing's Barbarian Records full lengths that were released a few months afterwards. I don't believe I saw too many copies of this floating around.

The Foetopsy stuff was recorded in Tim Bleske's living room over a weekend again fueled by lots of alcohol and even more marijuana. I remember riding with Jon Engman on the way to Taco Bell while they were taking a break during the recording of this where I sketched out what would end up being the Foetopsy logo on the back of some old flyer laying in the back of his truck. As you can see from the scan of the CDR's sleeve, I hadn't finished the logo by the time they released this. 

At the time, I believe Jesse from Screaming Afterbirth wasn't considered a permanent vocalist but after a few shows his absolutely hilarious stage and frontman presence pretty much sealed the deal for him as a full time member. Once the guys came to terms with the fact that they shouldn't take their song titles (since they didn't really have lyrics anyways) all that seriously, they became one of the most entertaining live bands I've ever seen.

Leval Blessings half of the split is equally as brutal although dramatically more cerebral. The cast of characters that comprised this band definitely gave them an identity. I'll be uploading more from them shortly.


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