Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Clitboys - We Don't Play The Game

I was 3 years old when this record, We Don't Play The Game by Milwaukee's The Clitboys, was released, but reading this interview with them... it's apparent that the more things have changed, the more they stay exactly the same. Really good and fast punk rock, typical of the era.

The music on the CLITBOYS debut is solid straightforward stop-and-go thrash, but it's the lyrics that stand out here.

In this era of widespread punk jock attitudes, it takes a lot of guts to belt out songs like "Gay's O.K." and "Slogan Boy," but this Milwaukee band isn't afraid to tell it like it is (or should be) and face the consequences. More power to 'em.
-Jeff Bale, from MRR #7, August 1983

I asked around for some info on this band and Chris Ellis provided me with this tidbit of info:

I have a clitboys 7''. it's really good. came out in '83. Jason Ellis lives in the house they used to live in. they were sxe. had an anti-gay bashing song and had a demo tape with prank phone calls on the other side.

Thanks to Joel for sending me the mp3's and thanks to: this website for providing more information on the band. Anyone with more information on this band can contact me via



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